Fire Support & Emergency Apparatus.

When emergencies call, lives depend on your vehicles and equipment. Whether you need a replacement part, engine repair, or 10,000 feet of hose–Consider It Done.


  • Preventative Care

    Preventative maintenance and inspections to ensure your equipment is always performing at the highest level.

  • Engines & Transmission Repair

    From repairs to overhauls, our certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVT) ensure your engine and transmission are running at optimal levels.

  • Equipment Testing, Service, & Repair

    From water pumps to foam systems, ground ladders to compressed air equipment and other rescue tools–we work on every inch of your apparatus's that you depend on to save lives.

  • Upgrades & Accessories

    Installations and repairs on side-of-truck equipment, ladders, toolboxes and all the extras you rely on when lives are on the line.


Contact our Fire Support Services team today for all your fire support and emergency vehicle and apparatus needs.


Priority Service for Emergency Responders.

We help emergency responders minimize vehicle and equipment downtime, control costs, and get them to next alarm.


With 100 years in the business, we know exactly what it takes to keep emergency units ready and prepared for the next call.

  • Mobile response unit
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • EVT-certified, factory-trained technicians
  • Ground ladder testing at our site or mobile
  • Top-quality equipment in stock
  • NFPA fire pump testing at our site or mobile


Ensure your pumps meet the annual NFPA fire pump test requirements with W.W. Williams Fire Support Services. Our expert team can come to you, or you can visit our facilities for pump service testing and receive service or preventative maintenance to keep your fire pump in a top operating condition.


Our certified inspectors can test your ground ladder equipment at our site or yours. Our in-service ground ladder inspections for fire departments follow the NFPA guidelines for use, maintenance, and service testing. Make sure your ladders are in compliance with annual testing for the safety of your firefighters.


We are an authorized dealer for Mako Fire and Safety industrial compressed air equipment, parts, and service. Our skilled technicians can provide all maintenance services on your Mako units that are life-saving breathing air systems.

Call or visit the Fire Support Services Team any time!

The W.W. Williams Fire Support Services team is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The service center is located 1/4 mile south of Interstate 17 on 19th Avenue. Our technicians and knowledgeable fire support supervisor are ready to address your emergency vehicle and equipment needs at our facility, or our mobile team can come to you.

2602 South 19th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85009
Phone: (800) 944-7375


We have used W.W. Williams several times and they have kept our clients satisfied.  

Fire Protection Consultant Fire Pump Service

W.W. Williams has very good customer service. Their shop is local, they show up on time, and they do what they say they are going to do. 

Ambulance Service

The service was fast, they were knowledgeable and the service went well with W.W. Williams. 

Fire Department Fire Truck Service

W.W. Williams took care of everything we needed. 

Fire Volunteer Organization Fire Truck Service

All Makes. All Models.

We represent some of the top brands in the industry. Here's a small sample:

WheelTime Promise

Get It Done Right, The First Time.

W.W. Williams is a member of the WheelTime Service Network, a network of service locations across the US and Canada dedicated to getting you back on the road in the shortest possible time.

The Wheeltime Promise
  • Initial assessment within two hours of arrival
  • Completed repairs in the fastest time possible
  • We will meet the cost estimate given
  • We will meet the time estimate given
  • We will notify you within 30 minutes after last labor
  • We will do it right, the first time